Regency’s Hottest Fireplaces of 2020

July 16, 2020

One very common question we hear is – which fireplace is the hottest? Although not really a difficult question to answer, the real answer is – it depends. What type of product are you looking for? Are you looking for an insert, fireplace, or freestanding heater? Prefer wood or gas? How big is the room you are placing your unit in?

We have rounded up the hottest fireplaces, in terms of heat output, and compiled a list, broken down by category. See the hottest fireplace, the hottest freestanding unit, the hottest insert, the hottest gas unit, the hottest wood unit, and more!

Warm up with 2020’s hottest fireplaces from Regency.

Couple enjoying a fire - Regency City Series

So…How are fireplace heat outputs measured?
The amount of heat released by a fireplace is measured in Kilowatts. (KWs)
To heat a 3m X 3m room with 3m high ceilings during the winter requires approximately 4.40kws and a 6m x 6m room would require approximately 10.54kws

NOTE: These are simply guidelines; due to a large variety of conditions consult your local fireplace expert to find the proper kws required for your space.

How hot does a gas fireplace get?

Although it varies greatly, Regency’s gas fireplaces typically produce between 6.1kws and 10.8kws enough to heat an apartment or a mid to large room.

How hot does a wood fireplace get?

The amount of heat produced by a wood fireplace from Regency varies greatly, however, typical units produce between 7.8kws and 13.3kws, enough to heat any sized room.

And the Award Goes To…

The following are the hottest (highest kw) products in each of our product categories:

Hottest Wood Insert

Regency Bellerive (13.3kw)

High efficiency wood insert - Regency Bellerieve

Designed with lifestyle in mind, the Bellerive wood fire is the ideal choice for a large family or living area with the added benefit of being developed to fit comfortably into large existing fireplaces. Most of the heat generated in Regency wood inbuilts does not escape up the chimney but is kept in your cozy home. You can also create your own fireplace using the Regency approved zero clearance box

Hottest Wood Fireplace

Regency Mansfield (13.1kw)
See Through Wood Fireplace - Regency Mansfield
This see-through gives you 2x the viewing area and 2x the control. Regency now provides an option to choose 2 rooms that benefit from this wood heater. The Mansfield is designed to fit into a custom-built wall without a brick fireplace or chimney ensuring it can be featured in any room. Designed to not only meet but exceed the very latest Australian requirements for emissions and efficiency, this is the latest in heating technology.

Hottest Gas Fireplace

Regency GF1500L (10.8kw)

Linear Gas Fireplace - Regency GF1500L
The Regency Greenfire™ GF1500L provides an immense linear view of the Regency’s leading flame and log package. Perfect for contemporary spaces and open concept living areas, heat is distributed throughout the home with maximum efficiency. The black enamel reflective panels further accentuate the fire – drawing friends and family closer to stay a while longer.

Hottest Freestanding Wood Product

Regency Hume (13.0kw)

Wood Freestanding Heater - Regency Hume
The Hume provides a dramatic wide glass view of an incredible fire while warming larger living areas. The firebox is specially designed to maximize heat output and is fitted with a 3-speed fan for extra circulation.

Regency Gosford (13.0kw)

High Efficiency Wood Heater - Regency Gosford
Impressive in size and performance, the Gosford delivers incredible high efficiency heat for maximum comfort. The sleek styling is complemented by Regency’s tradition of reliability and leading-edge wood burning technology. The Gosford produces more heat using less wood by extending the burn.

Hottest Freestanding Gas Product

Regency FG39 (8.4kw)

Freestanding Gas Heater - Regency FG39
This Regency gas log fire features the finest, most realistic flame picture available. Enjoy the exceptional view through the wide one-piece glass door designed to showcase the glowing flames and embers. No Chimney? No Problem. With room sealed direct vent technology, you can vent up and out of your home saving money on complicated installations.

Australia NEW! Regency Medium Direct Vent Gas Insert

Regency is thrilled to introduce you to the DVi34L, our new medium direct vent gas insert.

Product Highlights:

  • Contemporary fascia with heat radiating ceramic glass and invisi-mesh screen
  • FireGenie RF (Radio Frequency) remote control – with timer & thermostat function included
  • 2 speed fan
  • Optional spacer can be used with more shallow firebox depths
  • New vent cowl, designed and manufactured by Regency
  • New 12m flex flue now available
  • LP/ULP Conversion Kit

ICON FIRES – Slimfire Design

The new series of Slimline bioethanol Burners & Fireboxes from Icon Fires  sets the standard
for luxury fireplaces. Achieving advanced levels of performance, functionality and refinement.
Icon Fires opens a world of creative scope and pushes the boundaries of fireplace design.

Fine detail and quality finishes distinguish the new series of Slimline Burners. They’re designed to be discreet and allow the vibrant flame to be the star of the setting. The unique Mounting Frame enables flush fitting into the surface. Slender, elegant proportions and the soft tones of the brushed stainless steel surfaces ensure the Slimline Burners to take a low profile.

Stretched fires are the order of the day in today’s architecture and Icon Fires responds with its Slimline linear burners and fireboxes. Slimline offers the longest linear bioethanol burners of 1100mm and 1400mm producing stretched continuous flame for dramatic effect.


Zero Clearance Fireboxes suited for inbuilt installations. Black interiors enhance the flame’s effect. With a choice of Black or Stainless Steel fascias.

Linear Burners

Slimline offers 4 burner lengths to suit a variety of installation requirements; 500mm, 800mm, 1100mm, 1400mm.
Suited for customised settings,

Flame stability, efficiency, fuel economy and heating performance are all enhanced with the newest technologies used across the Icon Fires range. The Slimline Burners include flame adjustment to regulate heat output and flame height, which is an industry first fromIcon Fires for this style of burner.

About Bioethanol:
Is a renewable energy source produced from vegetable matter.
It creates a vibrant,clean burning flame.

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